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Israel Adesanya Breakdown
Adesanya comes into this battle with a lot of benefits over the considerably smaller Gastelum, who is giving up almost 9 inches of reach. On the feet it is the technical accumulation strategy of Adesanya which will give him a substantial edge. He’s got a far more varied arsenal with powerful leg kicks a strong choice against Kelvin, that will have to remain explosive to have any expectation closing the striking distance. Defensively Adesanya is sound, rolling with punches and never over committing himself to be vulnerable to counter shots. He’s a slow starter but ends up the volume once he has a stronger feel for his opponent.
Gastelum has fast boxing combinations and has used this to score some impressive finishes. The quality of Kelvin’s resistance is questionable with a lot of older fighters crumbling after becoming caught by his superior cardio or speed. Gastelum has a wrestling foundation but has not made that a focal point of the UFC run. In this fight the size and takedown protection of Adesanya should mean this remains standing. Kelvin has limited paths to victory outside of landing a flush KO shot and given the advantage and protection of Adesanya that does look improbable.
Since going around Middleweight Gastelum has was impressive regardless of his height and reach. Weidman revealed us that size may be a large factor where the elderly fighters of this branch were not able to press the advantage. Adesanya ought to have the ability to control this battle to stay position, where he will have the ability to design on Gastelum out of range. Round you could be shut but beyond that it’s going to be just one way traffic. A late end or comfy decision appear equally likely.Dustin Poirier Breakdown
These guys struggle in what ought to be a very competitive fight. Both men favour their striking with Holloway’s volume style according to Poirier’s technical fundamentals combined with surprising power. The people seem to be over Holloway following his remarkable Ortega win and thus the bookie has him lined a substantial favorite. While his boxing and cardio is unmatched at 145lb, it could be another story here. Poirier hits very difficult, with much more energy than anything Max would have undergone in recent times. If there was a weakness Holloway’s game it is that he takes a lot of clean shots, and there’s no reason a crisp one from Poirier can not finish the struggle.
This battle is very likely to start off in Poirier’s favour because he lands the impacting shots and makes use of his reach advantage. Holloway will have to endure until the subsequent rounds in an effort to conquer Poirier with his cardio and pace. Dustin is no slouch in this area and is very hard to put himself away. We view this as an early stoppage to get Poirier or near decision headed to the judges. The middle rounds will be crucial in deciding the winner. At +180 the value is apparent, back the dangerous fighter that has firmly established himself on top of the toughest division in the game.
Bet = Poirier at 2.80 (+180) chances. Risk 4 Units to win 7.2 Units.
Eryk Anders Breakdown
Rountree is a dangerous striker, equally powerful and fast, but his one dimensional gameplan makes him quite beatable. Of most concern is his gas tank that’s quickly depleted as he spams power shots early. Furthermore his wrestling and grappling is below average. Rountree is coming from a big KO loss to Johnny Walker.
Anders is quite durable and has a fundamental but harmful striking style himself. The key to success is going to be his superior pressure as he can blend in takedowns to wear Rountree out, negating his power. Rountree is stuck in the bottom of the ranks in contrast to Anders who recently had aggressive match with the title challenger Santos. Start looking for him to endure some early scares to then implement his wrestling and take over the struggle beyond round one.
Bet = Anders at 1.54 (-185) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 1.62 Units.
Alan Jouban Breakdown
Jouban comes into this fight with much more expertise but also a 5??? reach drawback. Grant is 34 years of age and unlikely to make massive strides in his overall game. He doesn’t appear very impressive with sloppy technique but does have big power to land the kill shot. Jouban’s strength is a concern but he is the far superior fighter. Start looking for him to bring a smart game-plan for this one and utilize his arsenal to out strike Grant. Jouban has sneaky electricity himself but a choice is also likely. .
Bet = Jouban at 2.0 (+100) chances. Risk 3 Units to acquire 3.0 Units.
Max Griffin Breakdown
Imadaev is very unproven and at just 24 years of age has been winning against poor resistance on the regional landscape. He looks to be getting a great deal of respect from the odds makers, potentially because of his Russian background. This is a large step upward against Max Griffin who is a demanding UFC veteran. He brings strong boxing and power and can mix from the odd takedown when required. Griffin’s question mark is surely his strength, as he gets rocked in the majority of fights, but he has a fighters attitude for coming back from adversity. Imadaev could be the real deal in which case this is likely to be an action packed affair. Otherwise look for Griffin to box up the inexperienced rookie. At slight underdog odds we like a bet on the more proven fighter.

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